Monster Charmer 0.3.0

July 2022 Early Access release

2 years ago

Latest Post Progress Update - 27 April by Amra public

Hey everyone! The latest update for Monster Charmer is here!

We've finished a heap of work and are excited to finally share the first playable version of our card combat gameplay. We made a pivotal decision to switch from a 3rd person island hub to a 2d world map, a decision we are so happy we made. This change has helped us scope the project's size and resulted in a far more engaging and fun gameplay style.

As always, we aim to keep our visual quality high, as seen with our new Fighter class and the many monsters you're able to charm along the way! This build is a quick, demo-style version of the complete roguelike system we're developing, with many more battles, maps, characters and features to come. Now that we have 0.3.0 as a base, new releases and playable content will be available more regularly, and we also have plans to fire our Discord server up again to keep in touch with you all.

Thanks again for your continued support!

~ Grave Companions

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Published 2 years ago