Monster Charmer Weekly Summary

Weekly summary for Monster Charmer development - 15 November 2021

3 years ago

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What are we working on?

We're hard at work finishing the first playable version of our Monster Charming turn-based combat.

When is the next build coming out?

We're on track for an early to mid-December Early Access release.

Questions of the week:

Will the player character engage in combat?

Yes! It is planned for the player character to be one of several characters to play in combat.

Will there be animations between the characters/waifu and monsters?

Of course! The interactions will be linked to combat rewards, so you will need to meet specific criteria to reach this, but most enemy characters will be "charmable."

Thanks for checking in and for all of your support. We hope to see you again next week!

~ Grave Companions


Published 3 years ago