Monster Charmer Weekly Summary

Weekly summary for Monster Charmer development - 14 December 2021

3 years ago

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What are we working on?

We're continuing work on our re-planned release for December, this week focusing on the animation for the holiday special. Aeryn will be our waifu of choice for now, as we really like the way she pairs with the orcs. Our priority for this month is to show an example of the "monster" content you can expect to see in Monster Charmer.

When is the next build coming out?

The next playable build will be available before the holiday period in mid-late December.

Question of the week:

What character races will be in the game?

We plan on having a wide range of character races, drawing from D&D and other fantasy lore. Currently, we are working with human, elf, orc & goblin characters, but this is only a tiny example of what will come in future!

Thanks again for your interest in the project and support during such a busy time of year.

~ Grave Companions


Published 3 years ago