Progress Update - August 15

Monster Charmer Progress Update - August 15

2 years ago

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Hey everyone! Welcome to our new patrons, and thanks again to our existing followers for your continued support.

For those who aren't aware, we've also reopened our Discord server!

Come by and say hi to the devs, ask any questions and provide feedback!

What are we working on?

Since the release of 0.4.0, we took a short holiday and have now returned to development, refreshed in body and mind!

We're focusing on polish, balance and game-feel improvements at the moment, which we're still aiming to land in a new build later this month.

When is the next build coming out?

The upcoming Early Access release full of goodies is due later this month - early September if things run over - and the next General Access release will be ready to go out very soon!

Thanks again, and stay tuned!

~ Grave Companions


Published 2 years ago